Bottle Caps – How it All Began

Bottle caps

 As a bottle cap collector, I love being able to use and share my collection as functional jewelry.

Family, friends and acquaintances have helped me collect bottle caps as well as an occasional visit to eBay!

Going to the grocery store in different areas of the country as well as outside the country usually turns into a bottle cap frenzy in the beverage aisle. Hope you’re thirsty!!!

I give the bottle caps a second life by using a portion of them to highlight colors, designs and/or words that are often overlooked.

I punch out a piece of the cap using a very large machinist tool to capture the perfect image then give the cap dimension by doming it.

I then set the bottle cap into sterling silver using a rivet, a type of cold connection. The rivet is part of the design element and also has function by permanently attaching the bottle cap to the silver.

I have thousands of caps. 

From the 1930’s to present day, from the small local breweries to the huge multi-national soda empires. I really do have thousands of caps. 

Here are a few of our most popular. After I get a little further in the rest of the site, I will be adding more so check back.

If you do not see the Bottle Cap you are looking for please email me. I just might have it!!

Earrings – These sterling silver and bottle cap earrings are light in weight and heavy in demand! Shown is an assortment of Sodas, Beers and Stars.

Pendants – This is my most popular item! Easy going, fun, and affordable allowing just about anyone to wear one!

The pendants are made of sterling silver and hang on a 16 inch sterling silver ball chain. Pendants can be made from just about any bottle cap you see in this website and more!

Bracelets – This 7 1/2 inch adjustable bracelet is the perfect choice for those who love a closer feel.

The classic bracelet design lays quietly against the arm but itŐs 7 bottle caps surrounded with sterling silver shouts out flavors of fun! It is finished with a dependable sterling silver lobster clasp.

I have two other styles of bracelets to be found here.

3 Piece Necklaces – When one bottle cap is just not enough! The three pieces in this necklace together compliment each other so well that it just says, “fancy necklace” at an affordable price. Each necklace is 16 inches long and I can custom make it 18 inches.

5 Piece Puffy Necklaces – This two sided necklace offers versatility to the wearer! From a distance this necklace holds its own with its clean design.

Get close up and see the fun that 10 bottle caps have to offer! Each necklace is 16 inches long. I can make an 18 inch custom necklace as well.

Rings – Fun rings! One of my most popular items! They are sterling silver and come in whole sizes five through nine. These get noticed whether writing a check at the store or having a night on the town.

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