Hottest Jewelry Styles for the summer

As fashion trends evolve over the years from all over the world you may be overwhelmed by the many options you have to choose from. Yes, we love bottlecaps and records, but there are some really cute styles out there in conventional jewelry. CHVKER jewelry, a fairly young brand is really nailing it with their selection and pricing. Their summer styles are hot to say the least.

You might have wondered how to best express yourself with unique fashion jewelry styles during the summer though. And you know, summer is unarguably the best period to simply express your fashion sense while you ensure that you’re comfortable too.

What will be good for you in the summer as the hottest jewelry you can find yet?


Chokers can be the simplest style you can rock in the summer as it can serve as a piece to draw attention to your face better from your neck. You can choose between a simple light or heavy choker as well.

Custom choker necklaces are also a great option for some unique expression.

Link Bracelets

Bracelets make great fashion style for summer and it’s suitable for complementing your dress and other jewelry. The bracelets could be laced with ornaments and you can watch out for simple patterns or more complicated linked designs.

Nature’s Signature

Summers are the brighter days and you can be in harmony with nature by putting on objects that copy things you love in nature. You can choose from hundreds of nature-inspired jewelry from the figurines of animals, floral, to stones and crystals.

Statement Earrings

From rings, necklaces to bracelets, something truly unique could be customized and delivered to you. Your summer fashion gives more room to express yourself but you may also have readymade designs that are unique too.

Something to call the attention of the world to you could be hoop earrings, specially made ones that come from nature, like the hearts shape or the butterfly for example.

Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces have had a rising trend over the years and it will continue to be so this year. It can present ample opportunity for you to express your style and include more details in your outfit. Even though it may not be common with many people especially beginners, it might be fun to try this summer.

One thing is that the varieties of styles of layered necklaces available are just tempting. Truth is layered necklaces could be simple or complex but you can readily preview which unique style will suit you.

Coin Series: Coin Necklaces and Bracelets

Coin series are the most common styles for jewelry and people just love it. Every circle of metal pieces attached to necklaces or your bracelets can be worth something more with the right choice.

For men, even if you may not go for circle shapes on bracelets, it would do for your necklace with any masculine design piece of jewelry. 

Color Balance

For your summer outfit, you can go for some brightly colored jewelry that will always lighten up your overall attire. You may not have very brightly colored dresses all the time during the summer, so don’t forget to spice it up with some ornamental pieces.

Final thoughts on the hottest jewelry styles for the summer.

Be expressive, be comfortable, and be confident with your choice of summer jewelry.

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