Q. Where do I get my bottle caps and records?
A. I find them in junk stores, antique stores, restaurants, record stores and eBay!  Sometimes these things just show up at my doorstep!

Q. Does everything have a rivet? What is a rivet?
A. Yes, everything has a rivet! It has function by holding the bottle cap or record to the silver piece. I like it better than glue!

Q. Can I custom order something special and how fast can I get that?
A. Yes, It will usually take 2 – 6 weeks or less depending on the item. I can SOMETIMES get it out the very next day if you need it sooner !

Q. I just received my order and you sent the cool Bottle Cap Candy. Where can I get more retro candy like that?
A. We get it from GroovyCandies.com. They have just about any candy you have ever heard of past, present and future and some great ‘box sets’ too!

Q. What do I do if a piece breaks?
A. Please send it back to me and I will always fix it or replace it at no charge!

Q. How do I care for my jewelry?
A. Clean the silver with a dry polishing cloth. Bottle caps are made of steel and should be kept dry. Periodically paint the bottle cap with clear fingernail polish to protect the paint and keep them looking shiny!

Q. What if I request a bottle cap and you do not have it?
A. I have thousands of bottle cap and I know people with even more than I do! Occasionally, I do get a request for a cap I can not get and I will email you for an alternate cap or refund your purchase your choice.

Q. I saw you at an Art Festival and liked something that I can not find on your website. Can I still get it?
A. Probably. The website always seems to be months behind. You can call or email me for those items.